Kate graduated with a BLA from Virginia Tech in 2006 and has been distinguished through two awards for creative thought and design of Low Impact Development. She is a talented landscape designer with five years of experience in urban gardens and landscapes including coastal gardens, native gardens, rain gardens, living rooftop gardens, streetscapes, waterfronts and plazas. As a landscape architect she is sensitive to the need for integration between city and landscape and has a particular expertise in appropriate plant selection. Kate offers lectures and classes on urban gardens throughout the 5 boroughs. She will lead the design and work with each individual garden to ensure it reflects the spirit and interest of its users.

Will also graduated from Virginia Tech where he studied Horticulture and Geology. He has four years of experience in the implementation and maintenance of urban gardens and landscapes including roof top terraces, living roofs, bird and butterfly gardens, native gardens, coastal gardens, edible gardens, rose gardens, rain gardens and children’s gardens. Will has a strong connection to living environments and a talent for bringing life to small difficult spaces. He is a dedicated gardener and a wealth of knowledge on wildlife, plant communities and plant selection. He offers classes and seminars on plant propagation, pruning and herbal medicine. He will support the garden design and lead the installation and continual maintenance of the gardens.