Garden Space NYC is a project that culminated from the passion of a landscape architect and a gardener living in New York City. The garden space app was conceived on one of their many evenings spent strolling through the secret gardens of New York’s metropolis. Having a mental road map of the city’s garden sanctuaries has been valuable to them in many situations. If you’ve ever found yourself with 45 minutes to kill in upper Manhattan on a beautiful day, if you’ve ever needed a quick escape from the bustle of the city on your way home or a place to share a quiet picnic with a friend, or if you just want to explore the spaces created by and appreciated by real New Yorkers, then this app is for you. Garden Space NYC: Manhattan is a portable tour guide of the city’s coveted open space. Step back in time into New York’s oldest orchards and estate gardens.   Experience the revitalization of a neighborhood through the newest pockets of green, public space.  Then just relax.  Let the trees speak for themselves.