Cape May Dunes


The Cape May Dunes are centered around the clients love of the natural environment and their desire to attract migratory birds along the Atlantic fly way. This project features a mix of native and ornamental plants that thrive in the coastal areas of southern NJ and serve as food sources for a number of birds, butterflies and other local species. The Cape may landscape is uniquely located on one of the world’s busiest spring and fall migration routes. The site of the Cape May Dunes is situated 500 ft from a bird sanctuary and 1000 ft from the ocean. The project aimed to use a mix of native and naturalized plants to provide food for birds along the flyway, while seamlessly grounding the new home into the surrounding environment. The mix of native fruiting plants and grasses provide a range of nesting grounds for the birds and other wildlife, while the addition of native wild flowers, flowering trees and shrubs add color to the garden year round.