Coastal Gardens

mystery rose

There is no habitat at the same time so nostalgic and misunderstood as the coastal salt marshes and dunes of the Northeast. Starting in Long Island, and softly winding down through Virginia, this series of graceful curves at the meeting of land and sea, makeup a uniquely beautiful and important habitat. Coastal environments are an exciting and vigorous place to build a garden. The salty air and humid breeze create a challenging condition that requires the balancing of appropriate plant species and hard materials to create a sustained and blossoming garden. Due to location in proximity to sensitive salt marshes and dune landscapes, the importance of building a well-informed and responsible coastal garden weighs heavily on migrating bird and butterfly species. Developing the right coastal garden can increase the food supply and habitat that these avian animals depend on for survival; suggesting they may just make a stopover in your own backyard. Sustainable coastal gardens can benefit and attract a variety of bird and butterfly species while bringing elegant swaths of color and the soft rustle of the beach breeze to your private space. Weather you are close enough to hear the ocean, or only to feel its salty presence on your skin, introducing reeds, grasses and wild flowers into your garden will bring waves of green, gold and pink that gently break at the edges of your landscape and mimic the ocean movements in the wind.