Edible Gardens


Every city and suburban dweller with a taste for veggies has a hunger for a homegrown garden. The truth is, even those with the limited space of a rooftop, a balcony, a small backyard or even a patio, can have farm fresh veggies at their fingertips. With no lack of aesthetic, we bring sustainable, edible gardens to even the tiniest urban and suburban plots. Growing food in your own outdoor space does not have to conjure images of the traditional raised bed vegetable garden; we create gardens that harmoniously weave edibles and ornamentals, transforming your flowery edge into an urban bounty. Edible gardens can be as textured and colorful as a flowing meadow or as utilitarian as a micro-farm. The design of each edible garden is customized to fit the visual and gastronomic taste of each client and generally involves a progressive blend of medicinal and culinary herbs, vegetables, berries, fruit trees and flowers.