Greenpoint Meadow Garden


The Greenpoint Meadow Garden is a small garden for a private home in Greenpoint. The tenants have been hesitant to use their garden space because of the history of oil and petroleum contaminants in the soil. When they contacted us about the project they told us about being a bit uncomfortable with the soil pollutants, but with their proximity to the old oil refiners the pollution was mild. They also told us they wanted a garden that they could enjoy this summer due to a possibility of selling the home and moving out by the fall. We worked with the owners to plant a meadow garden, a garden of grasses, perennials and self-seeding annuals that would reach its seasonal maturity quickly and help to create an immediate transformation of the space. We focused on planting a collection of nativeĀ perennialsĀ and grasses in combination with naturalized grasses and roses that are known to absorb heavy metals from the soil. Each November the herbaceous materials of the phytoremediating plants can be collected and dried, slowly removing contaminates from the soil and limiting the amount of contaminated biomass and disruption to the site. The result has been a vibrant space, glowing a healthy green through the summer and casting a company of flowers to dance on the urban wind.