Continued and regular maintenance is one of the best gifts you can give to your garden. Though the gardens that we design and install tend to be low maintenance, all gardens require regular attention because they are living environments. Even the most planed gardens will inevitably surprise you in some way. You cannot predict how gardens will react to the surroundings that you cannot control. Especially in urban environments, every small piece of the landscape is so inter-connected that your neighbors garden can have a massive impact, as far as weeds, pests and diseases, on yours. Regular maintenance on your garden protects it from potential problems and keeps it performing to the highest standard. Our maintenance services include cleaning and maintaining garden beds through pruning and dead heading, monitoring the health of individual plants and the garden as a whole, amending the soil with organic nutrients to keep vigorous and green growth and monitoring irrigation flow to all garden beds. All of our garden maintenance is done with minimal impact to the surrounding environment, we practice IPM and organic methods of pest and disease control and amend soils with our own homemade compost.