Myrtle Glenn


The Myrtle Glenn permaculture and edible gardens are part of a sustainable homestead. Based on a blend of ecological and biological principles the gardens at Myrtle Glenn aim to maximise effect and minimise work. The gardens create a stable, productive system that provides for human needs while harmoniously integrating the land with its wild inhabitants. Our work on the Myrtle Glenn homestead involved maintaining and expanding the flower gardens and aiding in the design and development of the edible garden, orchard and vineyard. Once established, the edible garden has the capacity to supply the fruit and vegetable needs of a family of 8 for an entire year. Though most of the edibles are grown in a designated space, herbs, alliums and edible flowers are woven throughout the property. The flower gardens play an important role in attracting beneficial pollinators and supplying the homestead with garlic, shallots, daylily buds, berries and a vast selection of herbs and spices. The seamless weaving of the functional gardens and surrounding landscape make this homestead a magical space emanating a strong spirit of life.