Urban Meadows


Meadows are gaining value, aesthetically and environmentally, in the garden world. Rich and complex they are a symphony of texture, light and color. Alive with rhythmic movement meadow gardens are versatile; an open palette accommodating wild concepts. Their tendency to support native ecology makes them environmentally more valuable than a lawn, and their animated display of wind and light offers greater visual intrigue. Juxtaposing the urban edge with soft mounds of color they are a calming place for the eye to rest in the city landscape. Meadow gardens are an important habitat in the urban ecosystem, providing a safe-haven for beneficial insects and pollinators. They offer year-round beauty that frees plants from forced urban forms and allows them to seek a seemingly natural course of layered foliage and color.  But most importantly, they offer spiritual relief to city dwellers, revealing a sunny breach of sky and light with an open invitation to watch the clouds.