Weed of the Week #1 – Ageratina altissima (White Snakeroot)

The first weed of the week is Ageratina altissima (synonym Eupatorium rugosum). White snakeroot has been blooming all over the city for the last month or so. It blooms from July through October and is easy to identify right now because it’s one of the only plants that is still flowering. It can be identified by its hairy, opposite, heart-shaped serrated leaves with bright white disk flowers. Although it is incredibly weedy it is native to woods and thickets from S. Ontario to New Brunswick; south through New England to Virginia and upland Georgia; west to Louisiana and ne. Texas; north to Wisconsin. It prefers full sun but I have seen it growing in deep shade. Don’t go picking it to bring it home for your kitchen table thought: all parts of the plant are extremely poisonous.

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