Weed of the Week #12 – Butter and Eggs (Linaria vulgaris: Plantaginaceae)

The weed for this week is one that can be found just about anywhere but it tends to be found growing in cracks in abandoned lots. I photographed this specimen above growing in some large planters that were not maintained outside of the Atlantic Center. Some of you might be familiar with the flower structure because it is very closed related to a common annual flower: snapdragons. I personally love snapdragons and their relatives (sometimes called toadflaxes) so I am always happy to see this beauty when I find it.

Where It’s From: Europe and Northern Asia

Where It’s Found: Almost any temperate area

Where To Find It: Roadsides, empty lots, non-maintained gardens

Uses: Does not have too many modern day uses but it has been used in the past as a laxative and a diuretic.

How to Identify:  Butter and eggs is usually unmistakable from other weeds. It has the classic toadflax flowers that are light yellow on the outer part and dark yellow on the inner part. The foliage is very fine, almost grassy.

Final Note: Please check out our Weeds of NYC Mission on Project Noah. Join it and send in your weeds!

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