Weed of the Week #5 – Yellow Woodsorrel (Oxalis stricta: Oxalidaceae)

Yellow Woodsorrel is a common weed throughout most of the world. It can be found growing outside during the growing season and it is probably the most commonly found weed growing in your indoor plants in the winter. It tends to spread rather quickly because of the method in which it releases its seeds. Once the fruit is mature if it disturbed it explodes, spreading seed sometimes over 15 feet away (similar to Impatiens). If you find it growing indoors, take a look around and see if you can find tiny black seeds on the walls and other plants near it. I have a lot of it growing in my indoor garden and thought that my plants were infested with bugs, only to discover they were Yellow Woodsorrel seeds in abundance. Every single part of this plant is edible: the leaves and flowers are added to salads and the green pods taste delicious and a bit like rhubarb right off the plant.

Where It’s From: North America and Eurasia

Where It’s Found: Woodlands, meadows, and disturbed areas

Where To Find It: Look for it in your garden, houseplants, or anywhere plants grow.

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