Weed of the Week #7 – Hairy Bittercress (Cardamine hirsuta: Brassicaceae)

Weed of the week has been on sabbatical for the past month and a half, I know. But, springtime is busy time for Green Sky Designs and we have been busy working on a lot of new projects. Stay tuned for more info.

But for now… Hairy bittercress is an oft-seen weed during this time of year. Chances are if you find it right now it may be just about to take over your garden. If you don’t get this weed before it goes to seed, you may be in for quite the battle. Hairy bittercress is one of the earliest flowering weeds, just like it veggie cousins (Brassicas such as broccoli and cabbage) it does not mind a little cold. It is most easily identified but its basal rosette of pinnately compound leaves ( as seen above) and by its minute 4 petaled white flowers. Besides its weedy attributes, it also can be added to salad to add a bitter, peppery flavor.

Where It’s From: Eurasia

Where It’s Found: Damp, Disturbed areas

Where To Find It: Common anywhere there is a cultivated garden or the soil gets turned over often

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